The Awakening of Humanity

  A mass awakening sweeps the globe!  As we have been moving into a New Era towards our new creations on Earth as a part of the ascension process. – We are each awakening one by one into remembering that…..

Conscious Parenting

Lisa | September 25, 2016

    I am sure those that have raised or who are raising children, know how challenging & demanding this responsibility & experience can be. Dancing between the intensity of the most profound unconditional love to moments of stress, frustration…..

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Break free from Depression

Lisa | September 22, 2016

Depression! De Press ion – De means to descend , Press means to compress or to push against . What is being compressed is usually unexpressed thoughts, feelings & emotions. E- Motion means energy in motion. Energy needs to move,…..

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What side of history are you choosing?

Lisa | September 20, 2016

Are you feeling exhausted mentally, emotionally & financially? Are you feeling bored & uninspired? Are you feeling empty & confused? Are you continually trying to find happiness in events or in accumulating more? Are you feeling dissatisfied in your job…..

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