What side of history are you choosing?

Are you feeling exhausted mentally, emotionally & financially?
Are you feeling bored & uninspired?
Are you feeling empty & confused?
Are you continually trying to find happiness in events or in accumulating more?
Are you feeling dissatisfied in your job & or social life?
Are you tired of trying to make more money to keep up with those around you?
Do you feel like you have become like a mechanical robot just going through the motions of your daily routine?

It doesn’t matter how much you continue to try to find relief from these feelings through food, purchases or numbing with addictive substances the feeling just wont go away.
If you are experiencing any or all of the above, it is more than likely you are on the brink of your own personal awakening.
There are many valid reasons that you are experiencing these feelings.
We have been raised and programmed to fit into some very seriously disturbing structures. We were taught at a young age that life is dangerous, we have to achieve and be the best, not to trust anyone, & life is hard and then you die.

We were forced to believe what was past down to us through our parents, ancestors & our teachers their experiences & beliefs, the structures of religion to war, scarcity, separation & fear.
We continued through childhood into our teenage & adult years being programmed into what has always been within the government structure, education system & old out dated religious & cultural belief systems.
The media amplifying more & more fear into people beating the drum of the already tiresome & overburdened minds of society. The somewhat disturbing & enhanced pressures of how men & women should look, behave & what they have to own to be recognised.
It is accepted by us during our development into adulthood years as we trust that what we are being taught & programmed to believe is real as much as it is for those that pass it on to us.

The reason why most today are feeling the feelings mentioned is that something deep inside ALL OF YOU know that the structure of programs & limited beliefs that you have been squeezed into are not aligned with YOUR truth & purpose of your life.
When you continue to try to squeeze your self into a model that doesn’t support what you are here for, of course you are going to feel conflict & discomfort within your soul. At some stage it will become so unbearable either through becoming ill or a feeling will come over you that you have to change your life or you will die.
Yes that do or die feeling!

It becomes impossible to ignore because your soul is screaming on the inside of you calling you to be who you truly are & live out the purpose of your life.
When & if this time has come for you PLEASE don’t fear as this will be the catalyst for a profound personal shift in your evolution.
This is your own personal Salvation taking place!

It’s the collapse of what’s not true, the structures that do not allow you your full divine purpose of who you are & all that you are meant to be.
This experience is going to be an awakening that you cannot deny it from taking place, you may prolong it, although at some stage as mentioned – You simply will not be able to ignore it.

Please don’t fear an old out dated template is collapsing that is based on power, control & seriously soulless boring BS!
It is no coincidence you are reading this – Your soul lead you to this article.
You are ready to participate in your own unfoldment.
You are moving from a life of fear & powerlessness to a life of love & kindness.
During this process, it can be quite challenging & in some cases quiet frightening when it is taking place. Therefore it is crucial to have an experienced guide to support you through the transition of your awakening.

Why would you deny your evolution to stay trapped within & under a template that denies your spirit to soar? You have an opportunity to rise up to a higher level into the land of freedom, love, honest & equality amongst all of humanity.

If this resonates with you & you would like to understand more, receive support & guidance,

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