Break free from Depression

De Press ion – De means to descend , Press means to compress or to push against .
What is being compressed is usually unexpressed thoughts, feelings & emotions.
E- Motion means energy in motion.

Energy needs to move, it cannot be harnessed otherwise it destructs. It needs an outlet, it needs to flow.
The emotions that are commonly being compressed are – top layer is suppressed Anger, beneath that Fear, beneath that Sadness, beneath that is Grief, beneath that is Love.
They get squashed down beneath prescribed medication sedation or self developed coping mechanisms.
Beneath these emotions are thoughts, feelings & beliefs about a situation, experience or events that have occurred or not taken place.
These feelings are usually feelings of frustration, loss, powerlessness & confusion. Just to name a few.
The coping mechanisms that we develop of course have more than likely helped us get through our responsibilities & the demands of our daily lives, although this will eventually become an avoidance strategy.
We will at some stage need to face what is buried – allowing a way out of the continued wheel of suppression & powerlessness. Otherwise we just continue to experience the cause & effect of what we are trying to avoid. We end up not even feeling & connecting with anything or anyone. We prevent & stunt our soul’s growth.
We are not only suppressing our anger but we are actually suppressing our Love. The paradox is we are squashing down under suppression what we long to be & experience.

The only way out is through!

No prescribed sedative medication & suppression can bring happiness, it just allows one to exist. Some people are sadly walking around so numbed & sedated they don’t even realise and believe that it is just how it has to be.


We are taught during our developing years & amongst society that anger is not ok.
Some adults, teens & children included regress into shame after an outburst of anger,repeating a further viscous cycle of torment & suffering of grief & sadness.
I am not saying that allowing everyone to act out their anger anywhere & everywhere would be a solution. Of course personal boundaries & safety for all is what we want here.
This is not about drama – this is the absolute opposite!
I am a strong believer that within a safe supportive non judgemental space-it is through the feeling & releasing of our pain & sadness, having a witness & validation to pain – setting ourselves free & moving through the doorway to LOVE!
It is about being fully in touch with all aspects of ourselves & not having to be jammed into a box denying our truth & feelings.
It isn’t about keeping anyone a victim to events & circumstances,actually freeing one from resentment of the situation, This is about allowing feelings to be validated, using your feelings as they are designed to be used, allowing authentic expression & to enhance communication & connection.
No one teaches us that we are growing through the feelings around life experiences for our personal & collective evolution.

This is about empowering & enlightening those that have been chained by the experience Depression, allowing them to move through the trap door to Love!

Its about LOVE -Period!
It teaches us to be more in touch with our truth, what we know we are here for & take back our power where it has been robbed or given away.
My heart goes out to the precious men of our world – How hard it is for them to have to push feelings down because they were raised with the limited mentality that they have to be tough & that boys don’t cry. It is not true that men don’t feel like women, it is just they deal with feelings & emotions differently.
For me personally I love it when my man is in touch with his feelings, It allows me to see his true manhood & allows me to know & love him more!
When we are in touch with who we truly are everything heightens & deepens – especially intimacy.
If this resonates with you & you would like to be free from the chains of depression –

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Its your time now!
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